Life Wheel

The Purpose of This Worksheet:
This worksheet is designed to help you get clear picture of where your currently are in different areas your life, how stress shows up and impacts those areas. You will also outline the ‘ideal’ scenario for each of those areas so that you can begin to take action in making that your reality. Through completing this exercise, you will have a snapshot of your current Comfort Zone and vision of the direction you are heading.
*Please note: This is NOT about judging, comparing, or being hard on yourself. It is about bringing awareness to where you currently are so you can begin to move forward.

In each of the eight life wheel areas (Health & Wellness, Family, Relationships, Social Life/Community, Attitude, Career/Profession, Money/Finances, Personal Growth), spend 5 minutes ONLY answering the following questions:
-What is my ideal scenario for this area of my life?
– ¬What does my current scenario look like?
-¬How does stress show up and impact this area?
¬On a scale of 1¬10 (1 being low, 10 being high)- how would I rate my fulfillment this area of my life. From there, you will transfer your ratings onto the ‘Life Wheel’ and connect the dots between each rating in each category. This will give you a visual snapshot of your current comfort zone.
Make sure to set a timer and only allow 5 minutes in each category. This exercise is only about turning on a flashlight and taking a look around your Comfort Zone. You are NOT here to completely clean out and reorganize the entire space.

Basic CMYK

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