The Most Profound Piece Of Wisdom I Can Share


I love that title. Compelling. Eye catching.

And it’s truth. What I’m about to share is the key.



Happiness, Joy, Gratitude, Abundance, Manifesting, the Secret, the Magic Carpet Ride. All of it and more.

What is it you seek? Many of you already know. Many of you haven’t a clue. For those that know, congrats. For those that don’t, no worries. On the journey to the knowing, ‘the what’ you seek often changes, and shifts, with you realizing ‘the what’ wasn’t really what you sought….


What I am saying is this, we evolve. We grow, we transform. From a child to a teen to an adult, but on a deeper level we crave an intimate, soul searching, understanding of our life. The big 3. Why, What and Where.

Where are the answers? How do I get the key? Why do I want them?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. Keep singing that for a moment. Lol.

I really couldn’t resist that…please, stay with me now.

The answers are all tucked within yourself. In you, in your brain and your gut, but the truest, purest truth is found in your heart.

Truth. Your heart. My heart. All you seek is within. Dorothy knew it. I know it and innately, you know it too. There’s no place like home. Home is heart. And actually, heart is where your home is.

The key is to listen and to listen you need to get quiet. Really quiet. Learn to cultivate quiet and you will hear the truth of your soul. Some call it meditation.

Yes, meditate.


Om Mani Padme Hum.

To meditate or cultivate quiet as I like to call it, can be very simple to learn.

Begin by sitting in a chair with both feet on the ground.

Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Take a few deep breaths to clear your lungs and your mind. Start the timer, close your eyes and remain quiet.

Focus your attention to your breath, follow it in and out. That’s all you have to do until the timer dings. I bet your nose or ears began itching as soon as you took your 5th breath. No worries, revert your attention back to breathing.

Probably your mind started some incessant chatter or to do list that is waiting while you’re sitting here wasting time. No big deal. Go back to breath. Focus on breath in, breath out. I like to visualize ocean waves rolling in to shore, actually hearing the waves and watching them mentally.

Keep practicing until the timer dings. That’s it. Keep practicing this simple method, increasing the minutes each time. It feels more comfortable with every sit. You will discover your mind will settle down more and more.

Clarity. You are creating mental space. Wiping out the clutter, the noise, clearing the cache.

Congratulations Jedi, you are on your way to holding the key to the kingdom.


For a year of wisdom, inspiration and action steps to personal fulfillment, pre-order my upcoming book ‘Ordinary Zenspiration’ at

Gratitude. Love. Learn. Play.


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