Ordinary Zenspiration

Hello Zen Friends!

I am really excited to share my BIG NEWS!

So I did a thing. It’s exciting. This thing.

I submitted a book proposal to Publishizer, a crowdfunding agency that supports the journey of getting your book published. And my proposal was accepted and my support page is live. My book is titled ‘ Ordinary Zenspiration’ and it’s a guided journal of inspiration and action steps for you to use daily, to get out of your comfort zone and into fully living your life! These inspirations and gratitude’s are taken from my daily Facebook posts. The best of my posts! If you have a favorite, please share with me and that post will probably make it to print!

A little back story. November 1st, 2015, I posted my very first gratitude on Facebook because I saw a friend had declared November the month of thankfulness. I posted a gratitude every day. On November 30, it occurred to me that 30 days wouldn’t cut it. Why wouldn’t anyone wish share to their gratitude every day? So I vowed to keep going. A whole year! And while that year passed, I received the most amazing gifts.

I received the gifts of Presence, and Grounding. I didn’t catch on right away. That I had received these wonderful gifts. I just noticed that my daily activities, including work felt lighter, more joyful, more fulfilling. And I began my own journey that took me deeper into me. I hired a teacher, a coach, to transform myself and my massage practice into a place for me to teach others how to access their own deepest selves.

Four years have passed and I still post a daily inspiration or gratitude. Sometimes I share the shadow side of life, to bring awareness to those feelings we all have some days. People respond. Sometimes funny, sometimes insightful, always based on their experience. And now I am thrilled to bring you the best of these posts and the sunrise photos from my backyard that accompany them. Because it is everyday that we are blessed to begin again.

I have 30 days to have 500 copies pre-ordered. I need your support oh loyal friends and fans of my morning inspirations. Please order a copy for yourself and one to share with a friend. There are many bonus options to choose from, check them out. If you are a teacher or a coach, I invite you to consider a larger order to share with your students, group or tribe. I will happily show up via Zoom live to speak directly to your group.

Click here:

Thank you for your continued support. It is because of all you that am I here!

April Cacciatori, LMT, BMC


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