Zenspiration Boxes

Thank you for subscribing to our email list. I am so very excited about launching the premier Zenspiration Box in March 2018!

Consider this the beginning of a journey, especially made for you. A journey that takes you to the most amazing places. A journey that shares beautiful vistas, inspiring landscapes of ideas and playful creativity. A journey that always travels through your heart. A journey of self discovery that only you can travel.

It is in this place that you get to realize your dreams. In this place you get to see your soul shine bright. In this place you get answers to all the questions.

This isn’t your ordinary box of zen. You can expect to find surprise and delight arrive each month to your doorstep bearing 5-7 gifts that will encourage you to cultivate your awareness and curiosity.

Letting go of the things in your life that don’t serve you anymore. We don’t always recognize those pieces that truly hold us back from our own bad-assness. Stepping beyond that ole familiar comfort zone and into the magic zone. Yes please! More, please!

Watch your inbox for the link to our Zenspiration Box website, coming SOONsoonSOON!


April and the Zenspiration NationFullSizeRender(4)

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