Ducks Don’t Stay Mad

I hope the morning sun brings you cheer as you embark on the day!

I am listening to The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and one small bit resonated with me. When our hearts are heavy or we have had an angry exchange with someone, physical movement is a great way to release the negative energy.

Eckhart speaks about 2 ducks who just had an angry encounter. When they are finished shouting at each other, the ducks paddle off in opposite directions and then rise up out of the water and vigorously flap their wings. They then go to back to floating as if nothing had ever occurred. Sounds so easy yet what if we could take a cue from the ducks? Physically expend that energy that holds us down.

What would that look like?

Dance party minute in your kitchen. Taking a walk. Getting to gym for a workout. 10 jumping jacks in place. Hitting the punching bag.

What feels to be the hardest part about releasing what we hold, is the emotional attachment that is placed on what we hold. Our ego say’s that it is ours, don’t let it go, and we don’t want to let it go. We want to keep making up more stories to go with the hurt or crap hand we were just dealt. That it is justifiable to hold on to it.

Hello, ego, I get it, but this bag of ick is heavy and it is beginning to smell. When you acknowledge the feeling, you then hold the power of HOW you react.  It is OK to feel hurt, angry,sad, or disappointed. The key is in releasing those emotions, and brisk or vigorous physical movement literally shakes and sweats them away.

I dare you to stay in that funk while dancing your ass off to Michael Jackson or Happy by Pharrell!

Live Your Best Life!
April Cacciatori, LMT

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