Where Are You Going?

Where are you in life’s journey? Quickly, assess. Just out of school? Just retired? Wildly successful? Still searching for your thing? Everyone of us are somewhere, as a community we are in the same place yet on very different paths. The similarities are pretty obvious, we all want health and wealth, love and security. It’s the little things that differentiate. I like blue, you love yellow. I wish to travel the world, you are to happy roam only your backyard. Where do you want to go? Most of us have not really answered that basic question. We ramble on by default, by other’s expectations of us. Today, sit with the thought, what do I really want my life to be about? I am sure many images will pass through your mind. Slow down the process and write out a wish list, it doesn’t matter if these wishes are attainable today or ever, just write them down. I will start;

I want to visit Italy.

I want to sing, in key.

I want to build a new house on the edge of the lake.

I want to visit the Maldives.

I want to snorkel.

I want to learn another language.

I want to grow roses.

I want to climb the high peaks.

After listing some ‘bucket list’ items, take your top item and write out in detail what it would look and feel like to have actually attained or done that thing. Real detail, go crazy with what your thing looks like, feels like and sounds like. As you write, you may surprise yourself, and that is the fun part!

What is the point? None of these things will happen.

They certainly can’t or won’t happen if you don’t know what you want and where you want to go. Now get out the pen and paper!dream life lived

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