Break the busy, experience you zen

I have been practicing focused presence. Living in the moment. Walking on the horizon as opposed to walking towards the horizon. Moving forward. It feels good. My life has been consistent organized chaos. Busy. Non stop, swirling dervish kinda run. Work, home, social, go, go, go. It’s no wonder I didn’t sleep for 3 years. Focused presence, I like the sound of that. How do I do it? Small steps. Beginning at the beginning. I wake up and let my dogs outside. Then I relish in making a superb pot of snobby coffee. Organic, Fair Trade, Dark, Locally roasted…intense aroma fills my kitchen while I get breakfast ready for my 4-leggers. Next, my pottery mug, made with love in Homer, Alaska, into it goes a splash of rich, ¬†heavy cream. Just a few more minutes. I open my journal and warm up my thoughts and my favorite, smooth rolling pen. Ah, the pour. Hot, dark, smooth into the creamy swirl. Deliciousness, quiet morning all mine.

How do you find presence in your busy life?coffee-bean

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