Fat Burn 101 with Ketopia

Beginning your Ketopia 1o Day Reset! The process is simple enough, start your day with the science breakthrough drink KetonX! Use a blender bottle and fill it to the top with water. It works just the same if diluted, your body needs the extra water! Take your time and sip, I take an hour to 90 minutes. Drink plenty of water after as well. You will be in nutritional ketosis within an hour after consumption. The very first reset day, you may feel a bit hungry, remember, you are still transitioning from burning sugar. With in 3 hours, you will eat your Dough Bite, slowly, with plenty of water. With in another few hours, you have your FIXX meal replacement shake. I like mine made with unsweetened almond or coconut milk, or the almond/coconut blend, 8-12ozs in a blender bottle. If you are feeling hungry, eat your the Dough Bite a little earlier and have a keto-friendly snack AFTER, hard boiled egg, egg salad, macadamia nuts, cheese, avocado…

Dinner, chicken, beef, pork, fish, lamb with vegetables-cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, brussels…no bread, flour, sweet fruits or alcohol. It is only 10 days people! Initially I was eating way to lean. We have been conditioned to low fat, no fat, etc. I increased my fat using coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil in my cooking. You can find MCT oil/Medium Chain Triglyceride oil from coconut oil, which has a big mouthful of a name but is clear, tasteless and helps to increase ketones that are our fat burning buddies!

I add MCT oil to my FIXX shake, salad dressings, as drizzle on dinner…don’t stress about meal planning. Keep it simple initially and check out keto-friendly recipes and blogs. Leanne Vogel has a great one at HealthfulPursuit.com.

At 55, almost 4 years past menopause, I never believed I would drop the excess weight or feel relief from the inflammation in my knees. I have tried so many ‘shake’ programs, detoxes, etc that I was naturally skeptical. The results I experienced in the first few days were nothing short of remarkable! The first reset I lost 2 inches overall my measurements. Having melted more than 22 pounds away, size 16 to size 10 with out cravings or feeling of food denial, I have not felt better in years! I continue to reset monthly and eat mainly keto-friendly on the other 20 days of the month. My body is now accustomed to to the high fat low carb lifestyle, so if i do have some pasta on Sunday I can easily get back into nutritional ketosis on Monday! http://www.ketopanista.com

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