Labor Day 9/7/15

Unofficially the end of the summer, Labor Day 2015 was the hottest weekend I’ve seen in some time! Great for all the outdoorsy things peeps love to do during this annual long weekend. I staycationed. At home. Loved it. I processed pounds and pounds of tomatoes from our garden. There are still a lot of tomatoes out there. I would love to share, send a text if you could use a few! I weeded, a little bit. I went to an artist reception for friend Tom Townsley.  I re-potted the corn plant that came into my possession this past spring…Today I vacuumed all those sneaky skeleton spiders into oblivion. I even washed some windows and the sun can really shine in now! I looked at countless Facebook posts of a lot of happy people in happy places. Fun. The pool refreshed me numerous times. Yesterday I floated and watched the clouds smile and then blur across the blueness. I had a great summer! I spent it travelling with my husband to visit friends in Alaska during July and early August and we didn’t really stop going even after returning home! Add on two blues festivals, the Mohawk Valley Blues (the day after a long flight home from AK) followed by the Chenango Blues Fest ( the next weekend with BFF Anita, a visit to Alex Bay friend Joey, a visit to Okara Lakes friend’s Jeff and Lolo, daughter Jessica’s engagement to Khristian…seems like I’ve left something out? It was wonderful to take it all down a notch and chillax homestyle with the kids in and out and our four leggers. I didn’t miss the Great NYS Fair this year. I got my sneak preview of the Butter Sculpture on the morning news. I was good with that. So now onto all things Fall. Daughter Kelsey loves Autumn as well. She reminded me I needed to get going on the Fall-ish decor. Tomorrow I will hang the ‘Welcome’ pumpkin. I really do love Fall in New York state…leaves changing colors to yellows, brilliant oranges, reds and purples! Apples. Apple cider. Pumpkins. Pumpkin everything…what is your favorite Fall thing? What was your favorite summer thing? I had a lot of summer firsts this year! More about those next time.


autumn leafimages (8)

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