The POWER Of Sharing!

Yesterday the Rome Heart Run & Walk was held at RFA with a great turnout. The health fair hall was filled with a wealth of info covering all aspects of wellness. Zensations shared natural pain relief through the FGXpress PowerStrips, and I brought fellow strippers Wendy and Pat K. I was surprised that quite a few people when asked could say no, they didn’t have any pain, discomfort or other complaints! Clearly the venue. Healthy people attend run/walk events…but, the people that did have issues outnumbered those who did not.

People are naturally curious and they want to see what you’re ‘selling’ or better yet ‘giving’ away. We like to get folks stripped early at an event so we can check on them later. More times than not they come back to your display table pretty darn surprised that their discomfort has eased, or that they can indeed move that bad joint again! Hope restored. That is POWERful! I stepped out from our table and approached a woman who was older, walking slowly and clearly uncomfortable. She told me no, she was fine. I persisted a little, telling her what I had was completely natural and certainly just to try it couldn’t hurt. She politely brushed me off, and kept moving. Ok, I am not out to harass anyone. People that have tried everything get to a point of no hope and just aren’t interested in your brand of snake oil. A few minutes later she returned and asked what was I sharing. maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try. I found out she had terrible low back pain, her thumb had swelling with minimal range of motion. I stripped her posterior right hip with half of a strip and used a small strip on her thumb and forearm. Off she went. I caught up with her about 30 minutes later. She was across the lobby so I shouted her name across the room. She turned and saw me and huge smile broke across her face. She demonstrated standing up straight and walking unencumbered! Happy! She was one a many we stripped early and had the opportunity to see results with. PowerStrips! EmPOWER! EnABLE!

Sharing and caring! Another point in the gratitude bank.

aprilheart run walk 14


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