January 10, 2014

Image Today is definitely a typical January day with the snow falling slowly, not to cold but brisk. A day I would love to stay home and do home things but also the kind of day I love to go to work and do massage. It is extremely gratifying to have a client come in from the cold and get on a toasty, warm, heated table anticipating their massage. Hot packs placed and compressed on your sore aching body is so relaxing and soothing you instantly let go of all your stressors and let the work begin. Muscular manipulation known as effleurage, petrissage, tapotement and friction make up the strokes used in a Swedish massage. Effleurage are the long, flowing strokes that seem endless and increase your blood circulation and red blood cell production. Petrissage is actually kneading of the muscle and soft tissue to further relax and lengthen muscles. Tapotement is a specific technique used in Swedish massage. It is a rhythmic percussion, most frequently administered with the edge of the hand, a cupped hand or the tips of the fingers. Tapotement wakes up the nervous system and assists in restoring resting muscle length as well as opening up airways in the lungs after bad cold. All in all, the benefits are many but I am sure you weren’t really thinking about how good for you massage is as how good it feels to be on our warm table! What are you waiting for?

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