Inner Landscapes – The Art Of Tom Townsley

Freshly hung within the walls of The SpaHouse is the art of Tom Townsley. Here is his self written bio;
DSCN4081While always interested in the visual arts, Tom Townsley didn’t begin to paint seriously until his mid-thirties. His work has focused on expressionistic portraiture and abstract images. What these two genres share in his approach is an emphasis on painterly facture–on texture, primarily. These effects are created primarily through a sort of collage technique; many of the portraits consist of painting scraps glued together, while the abstract paintings make use of strips of upholsterer’s sponge and pieces of canvas. The paintings often resemble bas relief sculpture. “To me, texture is very important. In the abstract paintings particularly, I believe much of the emotional freight is borne by the texture. Perhaps that’s because the sense of touch precedes the other senses in the womb. That’s why I think of many of these works as inner landscapes.’

This show is the latest of several one man shows Townsley has participated in. Many of his abstract paintings can also be seen in SUNY-IT’s library. In addition to being a painter, Townsley is also an accomplished blues harmonica player and poet. He teaches English at Mohawk Valley Community College.

Tom’s show will hang until April 2014


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